The Heaviness of Hysterectomy. Removal of the uterus can have consequences that go far beyond the physical”.

My three Illustrations for Marie Claire magazine I made last summer on the rise in unnecessarily prescribed hysterectomies in young women.
Hysterectomy is the second-most common surgical procedure for women in the U.S., after the Cesarean section.

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Thanks to Morgan McMullen ✍🏻

Rock me, baby︎
Il discepolo prediletto”, un racconto di Ada. 
Solo sul Teatro di Oklahoma.

Yūgen Studio Magazine is dedicated to kinbaku and the underground culture that revolves around it.
You will find shootings, backstages, stories, viewpoints and illustrations on bondage-related topics.
It all takes place at the Yūgen Studio in Milan, a venue that has become the perfect container for the development of culture, passion and love for Japanese bondage.
An editorial project w/
︎Marta ~editorial direction
︎Federico ~art direction / shooting
︎Nathalie ~art direction / layout
︎Giulio ~graphic design
︎Ema ~chief editor
︎Jacopo ~editor / yamatologist
︎Laura ~editor
︎Anna ~translation JP to ENG
︎xvelveteenkittenx ~proofreader
Published by ~King Koala press
In cover ~Leya
Issue# 0 will be shipped mid-June. Only 350 numbered copies will be printed.

My double-page illustration on shame without censorship︎, printed on YSM Issue #0.

Tutte le strade portano a Oklahoma, ed è così che ho avuto l'onore di illustrare "Tutte le famiglie senza una lira", un racconto dell'incantevole Carlo Massimino.

Teatro di Oklahoma, design and magazine layout. Out in April, 2022. Published by Agenzia X.

Four pages comic on Lök Magazine #4 | Cycles

Short comic story.

Read the complete Saga HERE!