Yūgen Studio Magazine is dedicated to kinbaku and the underground culture that revolves around it.
You will find shootings, backstages, stories, viewpoints and illustrations on bondage-related topics.
It all takes place at the Yūgen Studio in Milan, a venue that has become the perfect container for the development of culture, passion and love for Japanese bondage.
An editorial project w/
︎Marta ~editorial direction
︎Federico ~art direction / shooting
︎Nathalie ~art direction / layout
︎Giulio ~graphic design
︎Ema ~chief editor
︎Jacopo ~editor / yamatologist
︎Laura ~editor
︎Anna ~translation JP to ENG
︎xvelveteenkittenx ~proofreader
Published by ~King Koala press
Issue #0 released in June, 2022.
︎︎︎Photos by ~Alice Consonny
︎︎︎Issue #1 released in September, 2022.